Founders Scholarship

The DAU AA Jacksonville Florida was established in 2005 and awarded over $78,000 in scholarships. The drive behind the scholarship program was Mrs. Elizabeth Nealin who is on the DAUAA Jax Board of Directors. The purpose and goal were to invest in high school graduates with the goal of improving the future workforce.  DAPA will continue to support this mission of promoting education.

There are four types of scholarships that can be applied for: STEM, Business and Leadership, Patriot (parents/guardians are active-duty military), Founders (new scholarship offered the first time this year and awarded to Madalyn Moore) and the Elizabeth Nealin STEM scholarships. Each scholarship is for $1000 except the Founder’s which is $2000. 

The DAPA partners with the local businesses and community for the funds to award the scholarships. Those major scholarship sponsors are Andromeda Systems, Orange Park Mall, Tillman Foundation, Thomas University, Orange Park Rotary Sunrise, NMCRS Jacksonville, USO Greater Jacksonville, First Command Financial, Tory Hamlin Allstate, Select Health and Wellness, Tony Conard, Herron Real Estate, Subaru Jax, Brooks Rehab, A10 Auto Detailing, Crunch Fitness, Signature Consultants, Anderson Trade Group, Caldwell Bankers Cares, BestBet, Quimby Law, Ron McCann State Farm, JAX Jumbo Shrimp, Fields Cadillac and Dez Combs Real Estate. Scholarships are given out as joint scholarships between DAPA JAX and the major scholarship sponsor. 

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The date for submitting an application for the 2022 scholarships is May 20, 2022.

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Click here for more information about the DAUAA JAX Elizabeth D. Nealin STEM Excellence Sustainment (SES) Scholarship

The date for submitting an application for the 2022 SES Scholarship is June 30, 2022