The Association is formed for educational and community outreach purposes within the meaning of Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, specifically for the purpose of promoting the welfare of the Defense Acquisition Professionals, with which it is affiliated. This affiliation includes any Department of Defense activity, AT&L Workforce Members and their activity, Contractors and Sub-Contractors that support DoD, Local Educational Universities and Trade Schools, Veteran Owned Businesses, regional businesses who desire to support the association’s goals and missions and any other groups or organizations that have association with Department of Defense.


As members, you will receive:

  • Personal and early notification of annual DAP symposium and bi-monthly hot topic training forums, thus providing priority for registration and earning of Continuous Learning Points (CLPs).
  • Networking with other members in the defense acquisition community through our Association membership Web page ( and various symposia and Hot Topic Forums offered by the Association via DAU, Thomas University and other member organizations.
  • Timely updates on evolving defense acquisition policies described in our Alumni Association newsletters and e-mails.
  • Forum to input on defense acquisition matters through DAPAA Groups on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter (X), and Facebook.
  • Continuous connectivity within the Northeast Florida community.
  • Addition of DAPAA membership to your resume. 
  • Membership discounts through partnerships with local businesses.

The objectives of this organization are to provide: 

  • A members’ forum for continuing professional
    • growth of the defense acquisition professionals and AT&L Workforce.
  • A source of defense acquisition management expertise to promote the Department of Defense’s reputation as a world-class acquisition and learning center.
  • Support, Recognition, and training for the local 1150+ AT&L Workforce Members in the Northeast Florida and the surrounding areas to include Southern Georgia.
  • Support and Recognition of the “Future High School Workforce” by working with the school administrations within the counties associated with Northeast Florida. This outreach includes activities and scholarships associated with STEM, Robotics, Aerospace, Business and Leadership, Budget and Finance, Design-Build, Technology, Manufacturing, Medicine, and Innovation.
  • Active promotion of annual scholarships for colleges and/or trade schools to support the Association’s Objectives. Partner with local and regional organizations and businesses to raise funds for and award the scholarships.
  • Provide local community support via the greater Jacksonville USO, Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and any other groups voted on by the Association.


2024 Scholarships

May 2024 Golf Tournament