The Defense Acquisition Professionals Alumni Association (DAPAA) of Jacksonville welcomes individuals, veteran service organizations, businesses and academic organizations to join our members.

Individual and Non-Profit Membership

Corporate Sponsorships

What is being planned when we become DAPAA JAX Chapter?  We are already in work on these areas:

  • Training: partnership with Thomas University to include Senior Fellows for the functional areas (Project Management, Logistics, Contracting, etc.)
  • Certifications for non-DoD Defense Acquisition individuals and organizations (again via a partnership with Thomas University).
  • Symposiums coming in July/August 2023. DoD and Acquisition Focused.
  • Internships: we are working to add summer paid internships for the 2022 and 2023 DAPAA JAX Chapter Scholarship winners.
  • Corporate Sponsors and Membership. More on this later in the newsletter.