The Defense Acquisition University Alumni Association – Jacksonville will go LIVE as DAPAA on October 1, 2022.  The original DAUAA began at the end of 2014 with the help and direction of Corporate DAU AA, specifically Bill Bahnmaier, Wayne Glass and Mike Dorohovich.    

Last year, Corporate DAU AA notified the Chapters that effective later in 2022 that they would be shutting down and letting the chapters know that any of them who wish to continue operations past 30 September 2022 would have to apply for their own EIN and tax-exempt number.

Over its 8+ years of existence, the DAU AA JAX Chapter has provided or supported:

  • Multitudes of AT&L Workforce Training,
  • Raised almost $400,000,
  • Awarded over 186 high school and college STEM scholarships,
  • Donated over $155,000 to USO Greater JAX, NMCRS JAX and St. Jude’ Children’s Hospital, Wreaths Across American, St. Michael’s Soldiers and a variety of other community projects.

We would be remiss if we did not thank the Corporate DAU Alumni Association at Ft. Belvoir. We look at it as an incredible honor and opportunity to continue the same type of professional opportunities and services as the DAU AA Corporate who obviously set a very high bar for us to measure against.

What’s Next?

What is being planned when we become DAPAA JAX Chapter?  We are already in work on these areas:

  • Training: partnership with Thomas University to include Senior Fellows for the functional areas (Project Management, Logistics, Contracting, etc.)
  • Certifications for non-DoD Defense Acquisition individuals and organizations
  • Symposiums coming in July/August 2023. DoD and Acquisition Focused.
  • Internships: we are working to add summer paid internships for the 2022 and 2023 DAPAA JAX Chapter Scholarship winners.
  • Corporate Sponsors and Membership.

DAPAA JAX Chapter Goals

DAPAA JAX Organizational Chart