Brooklyn Porter.  My time at the University of South Florida has been an amazing experience so far. I am enjoying my classes within my Health Sciences major and have made some great friendships along the way. I have also started working for USF Outdoor Recreation in two different positions–the challenge ropes course and adventure trip program as a staff leader. I am enjoying both positions and am happy I am able to share my love of the outdoors with my peers and surrounding community. I will also be completing a Science in Florence study abroad program this summer in Florence, Italy. I am excited to continue my college journey!

David Gapinski.  My first semester went very well and I am very happy at Georgia Tech.  School is very hard but I have been able to manage it well.  Swimming on the team here has also been fun and difficult.   I made the team for the ACC swimming a driving championship.  Only 18 members of the close to 30 people team were selected.  The meet will be hosted in Atlanta, GA from February 15 – 19 and will be one of the fastest meets in the country, featuring all the schools in the ACC.

Mason Romero.  College has been going great so far! I have made a lot of new friends here at UF and had fun cheering for the Gators at the Swamp during football season. I have been taking critical tracking courses for my Engineering degree such as Calculus 2 and Physics 2 and I’m very glad to have classes back in person. I learned about engineering clubs at the UF Student Activities Fair and look forward to becoming involved. I am grateful to DAUAA for the scholarship and support- thank you!