What’s New?

WOW!!!!!    News from Corporate DAU AA Headquarters is that they are shutting down the DAU Alumni Association this coming summer AND AS EACH OF THE SEVEN Chapter’s EIN’s are tied to corporate each of the Seven Chapters Will Shut Down at the same time.

BUT Never Fear!

The DAU AA JAX Chapter has now re-invented ourselves as the Defense Acquisition Professionals Alumni Association JAX Chapter (DAPAA JAX Chapter). We are now incorporated as a new non-profit LLC with a new EIN number.

So, what are we planning???

FIRST 6 Months:

  • Scholarships and internships: Goal is to increase scholarship awards to 25 in 2022, 35 in 2023, 50 in 2024. We awarded 12 scholarships in 2021.
  • Hope to roll out internships to the scholarship winners starting the summer of 2023.
  • Training and seminars: partnering with Thomas University starting regular training and annual seminars to members on contracting issues and changes.
  • Certifications:  In conjunction with Thomas University DAP members can take advantage of a wide variety of industry certification preparation courses in areas such as project management, lean six sigma, cyber security and more!
  •  Partnerships: Reach out to NDIA, NCMA, SOLE and INCOSE and develop joint training and events

Our GOAL Is To double our Financial and Scholarship Impact by 2025. 

How do we plan to do this?  Great question!

  • Expand the DAPAA JAX Board of Directors.
  • Add Additional Fundraising Events.
  • Double our sponsorship committee workers.
  • Double our Scholarship Sponsors

#1: Expand the BOD for DAPAA JAX Chapter

  • Expanding the Board to include specific business areas.
  • Representatives from the USO, NMCRS and St, Jude’s Children Hospital
  • Military Programs
  • Newsletter Editor

#2: Add additional fundraising events.

  • Increase our annual fundraising goal from $55,000 to $85,000 by 2025.
  • Add on 1-2 new fundraising events.
  • Expand the Golf Event Sponsorship Planning Committee.
  • Use Go Fund Me Selectively to raise $8-$10,000 a year.
  • Use Application to State and Federal Grants to raise $8-$10,000 annually.

Plans are to use the additional funding to increase the annual donations to NMCRS, USO Greater Jacksonville and St. Jude’s Children Hospital. If you would like to help us in any of these areas please contact one of the following: Tony Conard, VP Operations, conardtl@gmail.com, Sharon Burns, VP Public Affairs and Marketing, s_burns@live.com, or Duane Mallicoat JAX Chapter President: duanemalli@comcast.net.

#3: Double our sponsorship committee workers.